Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who is Rose Witmer ?

Well, I promised I'd introduce the new writer as soon as she got published. I also promised her I wouldn't post a photo of her until she got to see it and approve. Haven't been able to catch uo with her for her approval so, I did a little compromise, here. She's a busy gal, always on the go and I just can't keep up with her but, I can't keep letting my blog sit here with no photos on it, either. So, here's Rose Witmer, on the go.
She got published in the same magazine I did, my first time, Apogee Photo Magazine
Then, a few days later, hit Romar Traveler Magazineand she's chomping at the bit to hit every magazine she can. If I ever catch up with her and get a chance to have her select a photo she wants the world to see, I'll post it here. Until then, you'll just have to keep on guessing: Who is Rose Witmer ?
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