Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nuthin' Wrong Here

Now, here I'm not doing anything wrong and Doc just shot me, anyway, behaving myself and shooting a picture of Nakajin Castle under almost a perfect blue sky. Not bad picture-snappin' on Doc's part, either. Think maybe I'll start callin' him a cameraman too, someday.
There hasn't been much free time for me to post a blog, so far this week because things get pretty wild around the middle of the month. In fact, it's going on 9PM right now and I've been doing computer stuff since 7AM today. Except for a quick run home for lunch and my hour power nap, I've been banging away at the keyboards on two laptops in a dimly-lit bar. That's my office, for those of you who don't know me.

Haven't seen a camera all day. Heck, I still haven't done my Christmas cards yet. When I get busy doin' important stuff, everything else just falls by the wayside. There's people in Haiti need help, editors screaming for articles, deadlines to meet, photos need uploading, captions to type, articles that ain't done, stress, pressure, blogs to write, dogs beggin' for a long walk, promotional stuff to do and I'd complain, but there's nobody here but me. And I love it, even thrive on it. And every once in a blue moon, it pays off.

Yesterday, another one of Rose Witmer's articles hit print, along with some of my photos. That's a big deal, to me, no big bucks, yet, but, someday, maybe, I hope.
See, ya just don't decide you're gonna get in National Geo and expect it to happen overnight. What you have to do is become famous first and you don't become famous if nobody knows about you. Then, when lotsa folks know you, all of a sudden, you become famous. You don't need to be beggin' the folks at National Geo, or any other fancy magazine to publish your pictures. When they want good stuff, they'll come beggin' to you, way I figure, anyhow !

If you get a chance, check out Rose's Sakura (桜) Article and give her a Thumbs Up. Poor kid has to put up with my rantings and ravings, no pay, deadlines, pressure from editors, stress and ain't got two Huskies to walk to put a little enjoyment in her life. I'm gonna walk mine, now!
To be continued.....


Anonymous said...

Mike, I fully understand your predicament. Here's a deal. I will help you with all picture captions and perhaps even short pieces (time permitting). Ideally, I could collaborate with you in writing all your stories, while you focus on the photography (pun unintended). What say ? Sumitran

RyukyuMike said...

Everyday, you're becoming a more awesomer friend; I'll be emailing you, buddy. How many ways is there to split a million dollars?


Anonymous said...

From Sabina:

Hey, that is actually a great photo, I think!

It's a good thing you love the writing and photography life, with it consuming 14 hours of your day! Good for you, for continuing to pursue what you love.

Rose said...


Just like you, I live for the stress of deadlines and writing. It's an odd mix of frustration and exhilaration. Maybe we can find a way to balance everything as Mr. Miyagi advises and move to just exhilaration! Until then, we have the pups...

I can't wait to start shooting with you! First I have to use your great camera wisdom as I save up to replace my dying camera.

I hope your weekend went well! We had some nice sunny days in there for a while!