Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sometimes Ya Gotta Break All the Rules

Now, for anybody who reads the Blog where I get paid for talking about how to use a camera, what the cameraman in this photo is doing is photographic heresy. He's shooting without a tripod. He has only one hand on the camera, a finger ready to snap the shutter and the thumb of his left hand pointing up in the sky. What kinda knucklehead photographer would pull a stunt like that ?

It's me. PHOTO COURTESY of Doc Graff who happens to be my shootin' sidekick and designated driver, usually about once a week. Doc, started up this thing called a E-zine. I think it's like some sorta 21st Century invention to save trees, plus, you don't use up so much Digital Ink typin' on your computer; they shortened Electronic Magazine all the way down to just,"E-zine". It's a whole new language, to me.

Anyway, I was looking at Doc's E-zine and noticed he has my blog hooked-up on the front page where the whole world can see it. And, it says, I haven't posted anything in 3 weeks. So, I figure it's a good way to get me working on my own blog more often. Just wish somebody'd start paying me for it. Maybe, if we got about 10,000 people to kick in $5.00 a month, or something, we could start up a real magazine and have enough PROPHETS to buy that $7,000 lens I've been looking at. HAH, I love it when I trick the spellchecker Dude !

Not being very good at New Year's Resolutions, typing, marriages and a few other things, I was asked by another magazine what I'd try to do for the New Year. They're probably gonna quote me, too. I said something like,"Cut down on my writing and spend more time with my true love, my camera".

And, I'll probably spend more time sleeping with the dogs.

Happy New Year !


Anonymous said...

*gasp* The shock to see my own photography teacher breaking so many rules he would probably kick me in the shin for doing myself!
That sounds like a great resolution, Mike. I know how much you hate writing and would hate to see any time taken away from your passion of photography just to do out of necessesity.
My goal for 2010: write more and higher quality pictures. On the same side of that is getting up to Kin to get some more work in with my Sensei ;)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

LOL .. cool snap, Mike. It would've looked even great had someone captured the look on the face of the woman who's turning and looking at you :-) ! Sumitran

Anonymous said...

From Sabina

It's alwalys good to finally find what your true love is. Good for you deciding to focus on photography, although I was really impressed with your writing. What is the name of this e-zine you mention?

Anonymous said...

Sabina Chan,

GoyaRepublic is the name, the url is: http://goyarepublicezine.blogspot.com


Nick said...

Love it! YOU'RE a prophet ; )

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks. Hope the millions part of the Prophet comes trur, anyway. We'll share, eh?