Thursday, May 20, 2010

THE BACK PAGE: A Shisa (Liondog) Photo

Here's that Shisa again in a different style. I composed this shot vertically just because I know some magazines prefer them that way and by golly that's the way this one got published along with another half dozen, or so, horizontal shots that are getting some exposure on the World Wide Web, right now. This guy already hit my Front Page, once, when he first got published but, I figure he ought to get some Back Page coverage, too.

For awhile, I was posting a Photo of the Day here, on this blog and another Photo of the Day on my homepage. Well, I got busy and kinda forgot about this blog for over a week.

Followers started complaining I wasn't posting, the analytics people sent me my weekly analytics update and told me "Nobody's reading your blog because you haven't put anything new on there".

Well, no kidding; I've been busy writing for other people, some that even pay me to write. Next week, I'll be hitting my two-dozenth publication (Is that a word, two dozenth?). My Spellchek is turned off and if it was on, I'd ignore it anyway. People who read my rantings know I'm not really a dummy but they ezpect something different when they come here to read. So, that's what I try and give them. Everywhere else I write I have to be more formal because I'm writing for someone else. Here, this blog is my playground and I can do whatever I want. so, that's what I do.

Right now, I'm experimenting with POCKET CULTURES LOGO I borrowed off their website.  I hope they don't fire me.  They are some really nice people who were nice enough to make me a Regional Contributor for Japan.  Pocket Cultures is like a worldwide outfit made up of people living all around the globe.  They're not your typical traveler, somebody who just visits a country for a vacation and writes about it like they suddenly became an expert.  These are people who live in the country they're writing about.  Probably, none of them live in a five star hotel but, if they do, it's probably because they work there not because they're on vacation. My kinda people.

If you get a chance, check it out and tell me what you think.  I know, I have a blast reading what everybody else writes and learning about places I've never even heard of, when I visit there.
Visit my FIRST POST and leave a comment and I'll see what else I can cook-up for you. Meanwhile, be patient with me and my BACK PAGE, I'm a busy man!
To be continued...


Sumitran said...

Congrats Mike on making it to 24 publications ! That's indeed terrific !! (And, incidentally there is no such word as 'dozenth' in the English language !!). Will look up 'Pocket Cultures' as soon as I get some time off my damn deadlines and pitch presentations :-( ! Today is our weekend here ... and guess what ? I am at work :-( !! Boo ... hoo !!!!

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks, I was fairly certain that I coined a new word. Heck, if US Presidents can get away with it, us poor taxpayers oughta be able to get away with it, too !
Don't work too hard; it makes ya get old faster.


Candice said...

Damnn, you're on a roll! Congrats on being so well published.

RyukyuMike said...

Thank you, always. You'll be even more surprised when you see where I show-up over the next few weeks. Top secret, for now.


Rebecca said...

congrats on all of your recent published pieces & pics mike - happy to be joining you over at pocket cultures! said...

Hey, Mike, more power to you for going for the pro writing gigs rather than updating. You've got to have priorities. But thanks for the update!

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks but, you're the Pro,just packin' up and goin' to another country,not knowing what to expect. I envy you and will be lookin' forward to your stories.