Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well, it's been awhile, I know. Busy, Busy, Busy but I'll squeeze this in quick.
This week I have alot of deadlines to meet.  Some of them real important, others, I just make-up myself.  I like to get stuff done early so, when a magazine editor says it's due the 15th of the month, I want it sent-in a week early.  That way, if it's all done and no changes are required, I get to goof off; that's what I do best.

For me goofing off means throwing on a backpack full of cameras and hanging out in the wild.
It's been quite a long time since I've loaded up the pack and harnessed the dogs to go out for an eleven or twelve hour day.  That's not work to me, it's relaxation.  The work starts when you get home and download the cameras.

It's Golden Week in Japan, right now so, tomorrow's not a good day for me to goof off.
Everybody's off and a frazillion Grandkids will probably drag me to some beach for a party; happens every year. I need to go to a beach party like I need another hole in my head.  Fighting a cold for the past week and think it's almost whipped.  The oldest Granddaughter started talking about the beach party today and I told her, "Grandpa's got a cold and can't go."  She understood.  She knows exactly what to do.  She'll send her three year old sister to get Grandpa to go to the beach tomorrow.  All she has to do is look in my eyes, smile and say, "Grandpa, let's go".  Then, I can't refuse.  They know that.  It's a thing  girls have.

Witchcraft, I tell you, it's Witchcraft and they're born with it !
If you want to know more about the bird photo, CLICK on CRITTER OF THE DAY up above.  I have to get outa here and see if I can find my swimsuit.


EYEN AMOS said...

It is such a massive thing trying to beat datelines and delivery a work that can be said to be a masterpiece. Loading in the cameras and equipments seems to be the least of the problems; the thought of what to expect at an event or venue of a shoot seems to be more weighty. most time we have it easier than we thought. but i have realised that a farmilliar location will always be fun to work in. tthe lovely thing when all is said and done is coming back with perfect shots. A photograher is more dynamic today as it requires him to be a photographer, illustrator, graphic artist and writer all rolled into one ; a term like 'visual artist' seems to be more accurate and fitting in describing someone who functions like these.

RyukyuMike said...

Wow, you just made me realise how time flies. Two months has gone by since I posted this. Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Deadlines keep rolling-in and I keep complaining but, seeing the work published and knowing someone appreciates it make it all worthwhile.


Apogee Photo said...

Yup Mike, it's Witchcraft and no woman will ever tell her secret!!! An oldie but goodie ;o)