Monday, May 14, 2018

12 Photos from Mother's Day Camera Stroll

clouds, roof, tiles, sky, Okinawa

A Beautiful Day During Rainy Season

Look, I know it was Mother's Day but, I had to get out of the house yesterday.

Not feeling very motherly, I figured the gals would find something to do together.

On the way to the office, I got a chuckle when I saw some guy taking his wife to King Tacos.

That's kind of the equivalent of bringing your date to McDonald's, big spenders!

clouds, sky, Okinawa

The first photo I shot at my office before stepping out the gate.

It's a good idea to fire some test shots before starting on a long hike with the camera.

It gives you an idea what exposures you'll need to be using and, more.

Suppose you forgot to put the SD card or battery back in the camera from last shooting?

Heading up the highway, these white clouds jumped out at me.  Rainy Season?

nature, trees, sky, Okinawa

The camera was tripod mounted and I used only one lens, the Sigma 50-500 MM.

A 1.4 converter, gave me the capability to shoot from 70-700 MM.

Just in case the birds all stayed at home for Mother's Day, I shot scenery along the way.

clouds, sky, Okinawa

The other night another photographer was questioning me.

Where should he take beginner photographers in Okinawa to teach them?

My thoughts: "If you don't know, you probably shouldn't be teaching photography." Hah!

Anyhow, just in case there are no birds today, here are some more clouds.

clouds, sky, trees, Okinawa, Japan

A few miles from the start, it's been a birdless day but, I was enjoying the walk.

A few crows and pigeons were out and about. I don't like wasting digital film on them.

If nothing else shows up, at least I'll have some scenery shots to take home.

bird, Chinese Bulbul, nature, Okinawa, Wildlife

Shortly after 4 PM, this bird showed up in a tree near me.

It's a Chinese Bulbul (Pycnonotus sinensis) and, they are noisy birds.

This wasn't really needed for my collection but, a Chinese bird is better than no birds at all.

bird, Streaked Fantail Warbler, Cisticola juncidis, Okinawa, wildlife

This bird, the Streaked Fantail Warbler, is fairly common around here.

It's hard to catch one being still in a spot where you can shoot them. They're jittery.

Cisticola juncidis, bird, Streaked Fantail Warbler, Okinawa, nature

When these birds fly, they make noises like a pair of scissors, that needs oiling.

So, I usually just call them Scissors Birds.

Cisticola juncidis would be their Latin Name.

rice, paddy, plants, Kin Town, Okinawa

In case you've never seen young rice plants, here's what they look like.

Rice is good for you if, you feel like eating thousands of things.

dead trees, sky, nature, Okinawa

Dead trees are always something to pay attention to when looking for wildlife.

These happen to be at the farthest point along my hike and, are near the ocean.

Tiled roof, Okinawa, trees, sky

Moving in the opposite direction, I shot this roof with the dead trees in the background.

A bit of shade under those tiles and a sip of water before heading home.

It would take about an hour, to return to my office from here and, I had a plan.

pine, tree, nature, Okinawa

Trees like this, I consider Nature's Bonsai; they've been weather-beaten.

People doing bonsai in planters could get in big trouble, someday.

What if, a Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Trees, comes along?

Ending the Camera Tour

Out in the hot sun a bit longer than anticipated, I reached the office.

Too tired to download, I stored the camera and locked the place up.

There's a Japanese Restaurant between the office and my home, I planned to visit.

Two steak dinner takeout orders were placed and, I surprised the wife for Mother's Day with them.

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