Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Morning After Full Moon

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Blame It on the Dog

If the stupid animal hadn't licked me at 4 AM, this photo wouldn't be here.

There are plenty of things going on around here because it's Golden Week in Japan.

The dog got walked to my office and I grabbed the camera along with a tripod.

The moon became visible off and on for about an hour and, I shot a few photos.

This one, I'll post and may save the rest to create a clouded moon GIF.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: Sigma 50-500 with 1.4 converter  Focal Length 700 MM

Exposure: f/16   1/15   ISO 100

Location: Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

Date and Time: May 1 2018   4:42 AM

Happy May Day Wherever You Are!

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