Monday, April 30, 2018

Peeks at the April 2018 Almost Full Moon

astronomy, full moon, Okinawa

99.7 Percent Full

Things were looking dismal for last night's moon photography.

Coffee, camera, lenses, camping chair, tripod and I, were up on the rooftop.

But, the sky wasn't going to cooperate. It was almost a whiteout of clouds.

astronomy, moon, Okinawa

By 7 PM a decision was made. Pack up and go home. Quit wasting time on the roof.

Just in case, I lugged the tripod mounted camera along on my shoulder.

About 8 PM I looked out at the skies from my driveway and, there it was.

Not quite 100% full but, close enough for me.

Just in case the skies cloud up again tonight, here's your April 2018 Full Moon!

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