Monday, April 9, 2018

5 Images from Iris Fields in Kijoka, Ogimi, Okinawa

Bursting with Purple

The season began 10 days early this year, according to the local news channel.

Luckily, I was watching the evening Japanese news when it was featured.

Otherwise, I may have missed the purple blossoms entirely this year.

April is a busy month, with all sorts of springtime rituals, throughout Okinawa.

flowers, Iris, fields, Okinawa

People Offended by Purple Shouldn't Go Here

One of the things I enjoy about travel writing is, getting people inspired to visit.

A few photos I posted on Facebook were viewed over 8,000 times in the past 12 hours!

Everybody can't love purple but, lots of folks on Facebook do so, here are some more.

purple iris, flowers, Kijoka, Ogimi, Okinawa

Just the day before these photos were taken, we were freezing in Okinawa.

The temperatures dropped down to the low teens for a few days.

Centigrade teens, means turn on the heat and wear layers of clothing in this part of the world.

Luckily, the fields were not flooded and muddy. I had socks on with my flip-flops.

flowers, Iris, purple, Okinawa

Purple happens to be a favorite color of mine because it goes well with yellow.

Those who know me know, I don't wear any other color flip-flops but yellow.

That's a hint, just in case somebody wants to give me a gift. Size 12 would be good, too.

flowers, iris, photographer, fields, mountains, Okinawa

The iris fields are surrounded by green hills and fun to photograph at wide angles.

Another thing I like about this place is, they sell stalks of the flowers, to take home.

They are less expensive than visiting a flower shop and, women love them.

So, I spring for about 10 bucks worth, every time I visit the iris fields in bloom.

It keeps the wife from complaining about my muddy flip-flops, coming into the house.

Parting Shot

flowers, cosmos, daises, iris, hills, field, Okinawa

For the Purple Haters, here are some cosmos and daisies, to distract you from the iris flowers.

But, I still recommend staying away from the Iris Fields of Kijoka. Hah!

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