Sunday, April 1, 2018

Four Blue Moon Images from MAR 31 2018

Final Blue Moon of the Year

Last night I got outside early, just in case cloud conditions would block the full moon.

Using the Pentax K1 and a tripod I shot photos at 420 and 700 MM with different lenses.

Shortly after 7 PM, I posted some photos on Facebook and waited.

The moon wouldn't be 100 percent full until 9:36 PM.

Clouds rolled in and out and, I nearly packed up to go home. But, by 9:30 skies cleared a bit.

full-moon, astronomy, Okinawa, Pentax K1

9:36 PM

full-moon, Okinawa, Japan, March 2018

9:37 PM

astronomy, blue moon, Okinawa, Japan

9:37 PM

blue moon, full-moon, Okinawa

9:41 PM

Great Full Moon Resources

Skywatchers use Space (dot) Com for all the scientific information. 

Time and Date can be used to determine when the full moon will appear in your area.

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