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Wildlife: Eastern Spot-billed Duck (Anas zonorhyncha)

Karugamo (カルガモ) in Japan

Also known as the Chinese Spot-billed duck, the birds used to be classified Indian Spot-bills.

Since 2008 the Eastern Spot-billed Duck has been recognized as a separate species.

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These photos were taken while walking the length of the Okukubi River in Kin Town.

It was early afternoon on a bright, sunny day and, I was hoping to catch some osprey.

No Sea Hawks dove for fish but, these ducks provided some entertainment.

birds, duck, wings flapping, Okinawa, Wildlife, Okukubi River

The birds may be found in freshwater ponds or lakes and brackish waters as well.

The Okukubi River flows from Kin Dam to the ocean at Nature Mirai.

It would be considered brackish; a combination of fresh and seawater.

bird, duck, river, mangroves, Kin Town, Okinawa

The ducks, when frightened, may just seek cover in the mangrove forest.

They are used to tourists kayaking the river and often hide, rather than fly.

birds, ducks, river, mangroves, Kin Town, Okinawa, Japan

The best time to walk the length of this river is at, what I call half tide.

That would be about three hours before the full tide.

During low tide, not much activity takes place along the river.

It's so shallow, a person could walk across the waterway and, never get their wallet wet!

birds, Chinese Spot-billed Duck, Anas zonorhyncha, Okinawa

Unfortunately, no in-flight photos were made yesterday, the ducks wouldn't cooperate.

But, I have a few images from 2016 if, you're interested.

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