Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Animation: Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Known as Suzume (スズメ) in Japan

Hot enough to keep sane persons indoors, I've been taking walks before sunrise lately.

Once that sun rises above the hillsides, everyone stays close to the air conditioners.

The backpack, camera and large lenses for moon photography are still in the house.

When things cool off, after sundown, I'll be taking everything back to the office.

Birds, munching on a roll the wife staked out on some rebar, gave me an idea.

birds, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Okinawa

With 420 MM of lens on the Pentax, I could pick off a subject easily and make a GIF.

The little sparrow had no idea I was shooting through the open kitchen door.

The woman of the house thinks these birds are endangered.

People catch them and keep them in cages as pets or sell them in stores.

But, I think she's mistaken. I run across these birds everywhere.

So, I did some research to check on their conservation status. They aren't endangered.

There is a tale in Japan about these birds, a kind old man and, a wicked woman.

Read about the Sparrow with the Cut-Tongue if, you like fairytales.

It makes me glad, my wife isn't greedy and, winds up rolling down off the mountain!

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