Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 2018 Full Moon and Blood Moon Over Okinawa

Just a Quick Peek

It was advertised as the "Longest Eclipse of the Century" so, I had to witness it.

The doctors can tell you, I probably won't be around for any eclipses next Century.

My physical condition is excellent. You should see the stuff I do while out with the camera.

Waiting for the moon can be boring soo, I get some exercises done while I'm out there.

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Black clouds kept the moon out of sight early last night so, I came up with a plan.

Everything needed for the Blood Moon photography got loaded in a backpack.

Normally I don't take cameras and lenses home; they stay at the office.

The idea was to get some sleep because the eclipse would take place from  4 to 5 AM.

Just before turning in, I went outside and searched for the moon.

There it was, nice and bright, peeking between the clouds. At 9:23 this photo was taken.

By 10 PM I was off to sleep. I wanted to be hiking towards the moon at 3 AM.

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Earth Between Sun and Moon

The shadow moving across the moon was caused by our planet, blocking the sun.

Once we get centered between the sun and moon everything turns blood red.

If, you want a lesson on why that happens, go Google - Eclipse of the Moon.

Just as  I was about to shoot the totally blood red moon, it disappeared.

Thick clouds, fog, sea spray, you name it, came along and spoiled my fun.

Moonset and sunrise happened about the same time today so, I walked home.

Now, it's time for a hot shower, breakfast and some sleep.

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