Saturday, October 6, 2018

Smiling Moon Over Okinawa After the Typhoon

crescent, moon, Okinawa, smile

Shortly After 4 AM

All is well on the island of Okinawa and the typhoon that brushed us is long gone.

Over the past week, a few storms hit us and, some folks got upset.

Downed power lines, cars, and buildings taking a beating and fallen trees were everywhere.

Loss of electrical power meant food spoiling, no internet and no way to charge cell phones.

We even had to go without water for a few days; catching what rainwater we could.

Over on Facebook, I saw lots of folks whining and complaining, like it was the end of the world.

Crybabies need to take a look at Indonesia and see what the earthquake and tsunami did.

Then, thank your lucky stars, we are safe, sound, and have a smiling moon up in the sky.

NOTE: It's a few days before the New Moon.

This photo was taken while the moon was at 14% and the image was rotated slightly.

There was no sense showing one of those Dick Cheney crooked smiles.

Don't we have enough things to complain about already?

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