Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Lot of Walking for One Lousy Bird Picture

iPhone, activity, step, counter

They Say Walk 10,000 Steps a Day

So, I let Apple have access to my location on the iPhone contraption.

Wherever I walk, as long as the phone is with me, I'm supposed to get a step count.

The technology must not be perfected yet. I walked to the coffee machine to buy iced coffee.

It's about a city block away. Got my coffee and started drinking while checking my steps.

The thing said I walked a grand total of eight steps, first thing this morning.

Maybe it takes a few hours for the satellite information to get there, inside my phone.

So, I finished my coffee and went back to bed.

About the Bird

This character hangs out in a tree a few minutes walk from my house, sometimes.

Several times a day (before noon) I walked down the road looking for my feathered friend.

Bird photos look better when they're out in nature not, on telephone poles.

bird, wires, pole, Grey-faced Buzzard

The sun was in a position to light the bird's eye up nicely so, I took some photos.

It was around 8:30 AM and, I'm glad I got some images early in the morning.

Five or six trips outdoors, looking for the bird in the trees were disappointing.

My last hike around the neighborhood ended as the sun was setting behind the mountains.

There are more lousy photos of the bird in this electrical environment.

Let me know if anyone needs to study the length of bird toenails. OK?

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