Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Reflections Along the Okukubi River

decking, reflections, river, mangroves, bridge, Okinawa, Okukubi

Nature Therapy for the Soul

Lately I've been taking early morning hikes with the dog, trying to get him in shape.

Way before sunup, I'm out navigating Okinawa's east coast in Kin Town.

birds, mangroves, Okinawa, reflections, river, Okukubi, Kin-Town

By the time the sun rises above surrounding hills and trees I'm walking along the river.

These birds, known as Black-winged Stilts entertained me, circling above the water.

It was 6:39 AM on April 8th, when this image was captured.

Can you remember what you were doing at the time?

decking, mangroves, Okinawa, reflections, river

Moving along the east bank of the river, I keep looking for interesting reflections to shoot.

Some of my Okinawa friends, who have moved off the island, will enjoy these photos.

decking, mangroves, Okinawa, reflections, river, nature

They bring back memories of hours, spent on the river, enjoying nature photography.

Not actually planning on bird photography, I was using wide angle lenses.

bridge, Kin, Okinawa, reflections, river, Okukubi

It would be 7:15 AM by the time I reached this Kin Bypass bridge.

The dog and I, would continue our leisurely stroll all the way to the Kin Dam.

There, we would rest in the shade and take a refreshing water break.

If there's a river or lake near you, checkout the early morning light.

You might be surprised, what the scenery does for your spirits!

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