Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Red Dragonfly (赤とんぼ) Akatombo in Japanese

Going Extinct in Japan?

Shooting Dragonflies wasn't planned as I went on my morning walks the past few days.

But, they kept showing up and reminded me of this article I read recently. 

It seems like the poor rascals are headed the way of dinosaurs, in mainland Japan.

dragonfly, insect, Japan

Some scientists estimate 99% of the Red Dragonfly population has been wiped out.

The population of dragonflies seems to be doing alright in Okinawa.

They claim, bug spray used by mainland farmers, is what's destroying the insects.

But, the chemical companies manufacturing bug spray would argue. Not our poisons!

Just like in America. Sugar ain't bad for your health. Ask any breakfast cereal company! 

Grandkids Are Always Popping Up Around Here

It's summertime, they live nearby and, Grandpa always has ice cream.

A story about dragonflies mating will have to be modified. Adults can read the link.

dragonflies, Japan, insects, mating, Okinawa

Let's see. The one in front is the male dragonfly and, they're flying around together.

He has his "Hu-Ya" stuck in her "Ah-Hum."

Flying around at high speed, they're looking for a safe place to land.

Then, they really get it on and do the copulating thing.

Sorry for the shortened version. I gotta run before all the ice cream is gone!

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