Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Endangered Species Images: The Yellow Pond Turtle


Active at Night and When It's Raining

This reptile was out running on the road as I was hurrying to find shelter from the rain.

Yesterday some sudden squalls drenched me and the dog when we were miles from home.

Knowing anyone driving in the storm, wouldn't notice a turtle on the highway, I rescued it.

The plastic bag I carry in my pocket (just in case somebody poops) was the perfect size.

Plenty of times, I come across turtles which have been crushed, on my morning hikes.

Not Really a Turtle Expert

At home, some research had to be done to help identify this critter.

From past experience, I knew a photo of the turtle's underside would come in handy.

Counting the black spots on this character's belly reminded me, I've seen this before.

That specimen was running around on a sunny day in a plowed field.

Some images were uploaded to iNaturalist and, I reported sighting a Yellow Pond Turtle.

Some experts over there confirmed my observation by giving it a Research Grade.

After being such a good model, I thought the turtle deserved some sort of reward.

So, I released it in some natural environment, distant from that dangerous road.

Far enough away that it probably won't have to breed with any immediate family members!

Just in case you didn't know the difference between amphibians and reptiles.

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