Thursday, January 28, 2021

JAN 2021 Full Moon Setting Plus

A Bird and Some Blossoms as a Bonus 

Clouds and cold weather kept the recent full moon inaccessible for the past few nights.

Waking up at 3 AM gave me a chance to capture the moon setting this morning.

It was bright, setting in the western sky and I climbed up on the roof with the camera and tripod.

Before an image could be composed, dark black clouds rolled onto the scene.

Leaving everything set up for another try, I went down to the kitchen for a coffee break.

It would be after 6 AM before a (somewhat) clear shot could be made. AT 6:16, here you go!

Before Sunrise - A Hike with Backpack and Cameras

It was windy and cold with temperatures in the low teens Celcius. It felt like Alaska.

There weren't many farmers in their fields and few birds were in the skies.

By 9 AM the sun was warming things but, it was still windy. Time to head for home.

At 9:05 this Blue Rock Thrush appeared in a tree alongside the road.

It would be the only bird shot taken today.

Some Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) Encountered Enroute

Had the blue skies and sunshine held up, we may have seen some more birds.

Japanese White Eyes (Mejiro) love these flowers and hang out in the branches.

Clouds blocked the sun and no birds were to be seen in the Cherry Tree.

So, the camera was positioned where a white tiled roof served as the background.

Leaving this scene, the sun peeked through the clouds briefly.

At 9:32 AM a quick maneuver of the tripod and camera captured this scene.

May your January be as exciting (or more so) than mine! 


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