Friday, December 24, 2021

Okinawa - Months of the Year Memories in Photos

 Who Needs a Calendar?

Today, I randomly selected photos from each month of the year for publishing.

Next, I fooled around with different calendar-making tools found on the internet.

And, that's what convinced me, I DON'T WANNA MAKE ANY DAMN CALENDARS!

Someone else might enjoy making calendars from my photos so, here ya go.

FEB: Trail in Mountains of Ogimi

MAR: Grey Heron in Kin Town

MAY: They Flew Together in Kin Town

JUN: Teru Teru Bozu: Seen anywhere in Japan

JUL: Ie Island from Motobu

AUG: Cinnamon Bittern in Kin Town

SEP: Eastern Spot-billed Duck in Kin Town

NOV: Grey-faced Buzzard in Kin Town

Words for Calendar Makers

Those who may be ambitious enough to create calendars may download these photos.

The images are copyrighted and saved at internet resolution but, may be printed.

For your personal use only. Do not try to profit from someone else's photography.

Print and hang your calendar or, give them away for free to friends and relatives.

Curious About Locations?

Links below each photo should give an idea of where these photos were taken.

They'll give an idea of locations on Google Maps.

Have a safe and healthy Holiday Season. Hopefully, next year will be more enjoyable!

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