Saturday, March 19, 2022

The Full Moon Finally Showed Its Face

 Last Night's Lunacy

Capturing my first Full Moon images for the year 2022 was a bit of a challenge.

Knowing the moon would be at 100% on Friday night, I prepared early.

Standing on the roof of my house, the tripod and camera were ready an hour before moonrise.

It was cloudy and windy. Black clouds moved quickly across the sky.

Here's a Favorite Image

Close to 100 times the shutter button was pushed and held for 3 shot series.

Normally, I would use the camera timer but, tonight there wouldn't be any use.

Clouds would blow across the moon's surface and block the light.

Half of the images taken were thrown away, I only saved some of the cloudy ones for you.

Google Photos Helped Create This Animation

There are three days each month, where full moon photography may be worthwhile.

So far, this year the weather and my physical condition, haven't been cooperative.

Last night was a blessing and, I'll leave moon-chasing to someone else for tonight.

Let's hope this end-of-winter-moon brings us a warm spring.

And an improved world situation, as well!

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