Saturday, April 2, 2022

Praying Mantis - It Won't Eat People

 Praying Mantis: Kamakiri (カマキリ) in Japan

We've seen these characters before. This one was found in my garden.

The photo was sent off to iNaturalist, to get a positive identification.

Over there I learned the Scientific Name: Hierodula patellifera.

The Common Name would be Giant Asian Mantis.

The experts let me know, that my subject was a female of the species.

There's Good News for Gardeners

These Praying Mantis females can lay hundreds of eggs, increasing the population.

A Mantis will devour all kinds of bugs, visiting your plants.

They eat pests like mosquitoes, flies, stinkbugs, maybe even lizards, snakes, and mice.

Along With the Good, I Must Share the Bad News, Too

Before you start running around, shopping for Praying Mantis to place in the garden, wait.

These characters will eat beneficial bugs. And, they've been known to eat little birds.

Sometimes, while they're mating, they eat their mate, too. 

More Information You Might Want to Know

A Praying Mantis can rotate its head 180 degrees and look at you over its shoulder.

After taking about 75 photos with my iPhone, I asked my wife if, she would hold it for me.

She said, "Ew, no" and almost crawled away from the kitchen, on the ceiling.

Then, I Googled it some more and learned that Mantis bugs won't bite people.

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