Saturday, April 16, 2022

The April 2022 Full Moon Over Okinawa

 It Wasn't Easy

Living on an island the weather can be tricky.  Knowing this, I make plans for moon shots.

Like, climbing onto the roof of my house hours ahead of moonrise.

The camera and tripod are pointed  East in the general direction of the anticipated full moon.

The moon was supposed to rise shortly after 5:30 but, I knew it may take an hour to be visible.

There were thick clouds on the horizon. It would be nice to catch moonrise over the ocean.

But, I knew it would be a waste of time, walking down to sea level.  My roof would be better.

Standing on the roof, I kept looking off to the east for some gold-colored light in the sky.

It seemed as if the moon would never make an appearance. 

Eat lots of coffee candies, talk to the dog, zip up the jacket, stare off into the sky.

It must have been in the low 60's Farenheight. When it's windy that's freezing in Okinawa.

At 7:34 PM for a few seconds, the moon shined through the clouds.

A quick snap of the camera shutter and it was gone again. Miserable night!

Everything was tightened securely and, I covered the camera lens.

Downstairs, I told the wife the camera could stay on the roof overnight. 

There wouldn't be any decent full moon photos today. GROAN

About an Hour Later

Downstairs I played some Solitaire on the computer and checked email and SNS sites.

YAWN, when it's dark outside the sleep monster crawls up on my shoulders.

First, I went to the kitchen and looked outside to see if any moon had shown up.


There it was, a big bright moon with hardly any clouds around it!

Quickly, I prepared one photo for posting on Instagram and Facebook then hurried off to bed.

One good photo of the moon with the Rabbit facing upwards was all I needed.

Y'all know, I don't believe in the Easter Bunny. But, just in case.....

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