Friday, July 17, 2015

A Praying Mantis: Kamakiri (カマキリ) in Japan

praying mantis, sunset

Research still goes on for this specimen and more information will be posted at a later date.

For sure, it is a praying mantis.

The exact  scientific nomenclature and sex of the bug, haven't been determined, yet.

A YouTube video gave me some information, that sent me all over the internet.

From a channel called, Real Japan Monsters, I learned this:

" Mantises are fascinating insects closely related to termites and cockroaches. All mantises are predatory and will eat anything they can catch...including one another. Cannibalism is common among mantises, especially during the mating season. Females may even begin consuming their suitor before the act of copulation is complete. This is because control of the male's reproductive movement is controlled not by the brain but instead by a small nerve bundle in the abdomen. Males who are cannibalized may actually have a better chance of reproductive success, as headless males copulate longer and with heightened libido. Most mantises can fly and the males of many species are adept at flying after dark in pursuit of hungry females."

Wild Tales Require Some Verification





Out on the World Wide Web, we went, looking for more about this creature's habits. 

Sure enough, over at National Geographic, they tell you; it's true.

They even say the females are notorious for eating their mates.

Some, do it after mating and, others do it while mating. Yuk !

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