Monday, July 27, 2015

Beauty at the Kin Town Matsuri 2015

yukatta contest, beautiful summer kimonos

Yukata Contest



There were 9 contestants in this yukata (summer kimono) contest.

Some folks go to the festival, just to  see this event and, cheer on their favorite gal.

 It isn't supposed to be a beauty contest so, I won't tell you which beauty won.

At festivals, I try to capture a little bit of all the activities.

entertainment, children

These inflated thingamajigs seemed to be the most popular activities for kids.

It reminded me of Disneyland, seeing the long lines of children, waiting to get in to them.

taiko drummers, children

The young taiko drummers put on the most excellent show.

They got the crowd rocking and, earth shaking with their energetic drumbeats. 

The weather was beautiful, too, considering a typhoon just passed the island the day before.

Fashion shows, festival foods, fun and games for  kids; they're all great.

The fireworks (hanabi) is what, I go to festivals to see.

Maybe it's true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder !

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