Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Seen in One of Those City Shopping Centers

Not a Shopping Type Person



Yesterday was one of those Do Things for the Government Days.

My immigration card was ready to expire so, we had to go to a big city and renew it.

The wife convinced a daughter, we needed a ride or, Daddy might get deported.

So, off we went and got all my paperwork done and a brand new immigration card.

It took about ten minutes and, everybody was really nice.

Wishing all the officials a Merry Christmas, I left the place, knowing what would happen next.

piece of cake, eat me, t-shirt

The women, having saved me from the wrath of the government, needed to go shopping.

That's what they do.  Always.  Especially to relieve stress.

We went shopping. It made me think about starting to smoke cigarettes, again.

That's what I used to do, to keep from going into the store with shopping women.

But, I quit smoking about 6 months ago.  So, I went into the store; it's air-conditioned.

This t-shirt, I spotted made the trip all worthwhile.

They didn't have one in my size. 

While nobody was looking, I snapped a cell-phone shot of it.

Now, I'm wondering.

How many people are running around, wearing something like this ?

We should probably go to town more often and, bring the big cameras.

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