Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Flower Photo: A Single Rain Lily

flower, pink lily

The rain lilies are sprouting all over the island with the passing of  Typhoon Chan-hom.

This morning, in a hurry to hit the bank, I left the cameras behind.

That's when this huge pink rain lily was spotted.

Kneeling on the sidewalk, with the cell phone camera, I took this quick shot.

This flower is probably, three times the size of those we usually see around here.

If the weather holds up for a few more days, I may go back with the big camera.

Most websites, tell us, rain lilies, sprout, after it rains.

The Missus, tells me, these are a typhoon flowers.

In the past, others have told me, the flowers are used to predict inbound typhoons.

Time will tell.

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