Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flower Photos: Night Blooming Powderpuff Tree

Sagaribana (サガリバナ) in Japan



Barringtonia racemosa is the scientific name for this flowering tree.

A hint from a local tipster, sent us out with the cameras last night.

pink flowers, Powderpuff tree, leaves

Arriving before sunset was a good idea; it helped us get oriented.

It's always nice to meet the people who tend the plants and organize the displays.

The flowers were not opened, yet but, it was a good time to photograph the leaves.

Powderpuff Mangrove Plant, leaves, flowers

Sometimes, identification of flowers can be difficult.

Images from several angles, including blossoms, buds, bark and leaves makes it easier.

large pink string of blossoms

The best time for viewing these delicate blossoms is after 9PM.

Researching with the images I saved, plenty of information was available.

The plant contains a poison that may be used to stun fish.

The Zulus in Africa, utilize the fruit as a malaria treatment.

The seeds, in Bengal, are used to poison an enemy.

If one of your Bengal friends, does it to you, try coconuts to cure yourself.

Known as Fish-poison Tree in India, it is also called Freshwater Mangrove.

pink blossoms, black background

At Wild Singapore, we learned, the trees are found mostly in parks; rarely in the wild.

They say, in the Philippines, the fruits are used to poison wild boars.

At the University of Hawaii some other uses for this plant may be seen at:

pink and white flower, green leaves

 The gentleman guiding us through the display of flowers was certainly helpful.

There were bees, moths and mosquitoes buzzing all over the place.

When he suggested it was best to tour the flowers after 8PM, we listened.

Things became calmer, later in the evening and the wind died down somewhat.

All photos were taken with available lighting and no flash.

My favorite, this last one, was taken at 8:59PM.

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