Friday, July 3, 2015

Images of First July 2015 Full Moon

Full Moon Appears Twice



The full moon at the beginning of this month is called the Full Buck Moon, in the USA.

That's because it is the season when bucks sprout new antlers.

The names, Thunder Moon and Hay Moon are also used, in north America.

July 2015 Full Moon

This photo was taken at 9:15PM JUL 2, 2015.

Camera: Pentax K3

Lens: Pentax 300mm

Exposure: f/16 1/60   ISO 100

Black clouds covered the moon so, I headed back to the office.

The moon reappeared as I was nearing the gate to my shop and, it gave me an idea.

It would have to be done, fully manual but, I wanted to try something.

The Sigma 50-500mm lens and a 1.4X converter,  would give a focal length of 700mm.

It got me a little bit closer to the moon at 9:41PM

Exposure: f/16  1/125   ISO 100

Another Full Moon Comes at the End of July



July 31st we will see the second full moon for this month. 

Click on the links above to learn more about the full moon and viewing times.

Depending upon where you live, you may have to do some searching.

If you have children or, grandchildren, you may want to see

At the bottom of the page, I found this: 

Best Telescopes for Kids 2015 - Preschool and Up

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