Sunday, July 5, 2015

Animated Highlights of Kin Town's 2015 Mud Festival

Nature Mirai Tanbo Festival



Call it whatever you like.

  Put a bunch of kids and adults in a flooded field, it becomes a mud festival.

children's rides, toy cars

There were the usual festival booths with food and games.

In the shade of one building, plenty of arts and crafts booths were available.

Out for the fun in the sun is where I take the cameras.

festival-goers, Nagashi Somen, noodles, food

 Cold noodles, called Nagashi Somen, attracted quite a crowd.

The food flows down a bamboo pipe and whatever you can catch, you eat, for free.

mud race

A few of the more mature festival-goers, demonstrated how to do this race. 

children, mud race

Then, there was no confusion, when it was the children's turn to race in the mud.

mother, daughter, mud slide

There was plenty of parent participation in the mud events.

playing in mud

Sometimes, I think adults have more fun than the children at these festivals.

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