Monday, March 8, 2010

Still Shoot Wildlife, Whenever I See Some

So, maybe it's been awhile!

I know everyone has to have been wondering what's up with all the sightseeing, travel and other things I've been posting here and what happened to the wildlife photography. I've been posting pet photos and even a weather report.

What ever happened to the critters like wild boars, butterflies and birds?
They're still here. I just haven't had the time or right weather conditions to go out chasing them.

This writing business keeps me real busy; even when someone else does the writing. Seems like everytime I can find somebody to write for me the subject isn't wildlife so, they need pictures of shopping, castles, festivals, castles or something tourists might want to see on Okinawa. So, that's what I have to shoot.

But anybody who knows me, knows that if a bird comes flying by, I could be on a mission to take pictures of Queen Mary and start shooting birds or snakes instead. I'd forget all about what I was supposed to be doing and take pictures of what I think is important.

So, I was on the way to shoot some wall in a graveyard. I saw this turtle and figured he wasn't in any hurry and neither was I. So, I shot a picture of him on my way to work.

As soon as I find the time, I'll get a name for him. Common name, scientific name, all that stuff. Right now, I'm too busy. More later.....


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Anonymous said...

I see a similar look on the TURTLES face as I do on YOURS in the blog photo of "I shot myself."...!!!!! absolutely fabulous!!!