Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shot Myself Today !

This isn't what I usually do...

                                                                   ...but it was freezing cold outside...
so, I was trapped indoors.  And felt like a wild animal must feel stuck in a cage.  So, I took my cameras to my office and practiced shooting myself.

Really, I'm not into doing studio shots or any kind of indoor photography but, unfortunately, I have to.  It's part of this school I'm involved in and if I don't finish all my homework and graduate this year there's no telling what they might do to me.

Can they still drag you up in front of the whole class and whack your fanny with the BOARD OF EDUCATION ?

That probably got outlawed in the last Century, but, I'm not sure because I haven't been back to the USA in awhile.  I hear they have lots of lawyers making people behave and if anyone hurts you they promise to get you millions of dollars as long as you'll split it with them 50/50.

Somebody told me a fat lady spilled her coffee in her lap at a Drive-thru joint and got Six Million Dollars.  Is that true ?

Well, anyway, I'm a Grandpa and I don't think I should have to do homework unless it's something that interests me.  Portraits, advertising, and fashion; they're all things I have to shoot to graduate from the professional camera school.  I'll do what I have to do and get it done.  And when I do, I'll go get my....

Millions the hard way, I'll work for them !

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