Tuesday, April 6, 2010

At the Exhibit

Well, the big time exhibit is over.  For the whole month of March, Doc and I had a slew of framed photos on display in a climate-controlled library.

Air conditioning is a treat for my photos; the constant temperatures and low humidity are so good for the prints I had to drag them, kicking and screaming, out of the library.

Now they're all back where they belong, with me, in a dingy, dark, musty bar. Here, they're lucky if they get dusted once a month.  They probably got Windexed and wiped everyday where they were by the cleaning staff at the library.

While the display was going on, I kinda missed some of my photos the walls were bare in a few spots. I really should print and frame some new photos. It's just one of those indoors-type chores I'd rather not do, as long as I can avoid it.

The photo above is actually a poster advertising the event.  It's one of Doc's photos but, it's got my name on it, so, I shot it and now, it's my photo. Way too involved to teach you how I took this picture but, I'll give you a short description of the materials I used: Cell phone Camera, Mason Jar and two upsidedown ashtrays.

It's raining cats and goats, again and I left my cameras home along with my laptop that I know how to use so, this is all I'm typing today.  More later.....



lilypond said...

Mike, great picture and the story to go with it with your usual sense of humor. I have great trouble signing in to your other blog, so at least here I can leave a comment.

RyukyuMike said...

Guess I better keep this blog updated regularly for you then !