Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Dear Mike,
Today I'm really stoked to announce the launch of MatadorU's 2nd program: Travel Photography http://matadoru.com/courses-list/travel-photography. As with our methodology in the Travel Writing Program, this course isn't just "how to take travel photos," but an immersion into the life of a professional Travel Photographer working today. Within the first month, students complete lessons on equipment and technique, then get right into building successful WordPress blogs, creating networks of colleagues, pitching work to editors, strengthening their brands, and powering up their portfolios and blogs so they can get assignments, generate ad revenue, and expand their audience as photographers and new media professionals. We're especially excited about the teachers who will be working directly with students in this program, including Matador's own Lola Akinmade and Paul Sullivan. Their recent assignments as pro photographers have sent them to Morocco, Istanbul, and Iceland to name a few. As well, we have Gail Mooney, whose work has been published in National Geographic and Smithsonian. There is a lot more to explain about the program, including lifetime access to the forums and Market Blog, as well as the direct feedback offered in the Photo Labs. But instead of talking about it all here, I invite you to learn more about the Travel Photography programhttp://matadoru.com/courses-list/travel-photography We look forward to having you join our community. Please contact us with any questions!
David MillerMatadorU Team

Now, I'm in kind of a rush and just copied, pasted and borrowed the words outa my email 'cuz, ya'll know me; I hate typin' and that Spellchecker and those HTML Codes that are always messin' up my website and blogs. I'm in a hurry and don't feel like fixing LINKS and all that stuff. So, if you want to learn more about the course, CLICK ON THE TITLE TO THIS POST AND "BINGO" IT TAKES YOU RIGHT THERE!

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