Friday, July 2, 2010


Growing old and getting soft, I don't know. Well, OK, the old part is a given but, getting soft-could that really be happening-to me?

It all started about a year ago. This gal named Marla asked me to shoot a picture of a girl sitting under a tree to go with some prose she had published.

Not sure exactly what prose was and too lazy to look it up in a dictionary, I figured it's something like poetry and really none of my business. I'd just grab my camera and start lookin' for a gal and a tree on the beach somewhere, shoot the damn thing, send it in to be published and be done with it; poems, poetry and prose are just not in my bag of tricks. Other people read that kinda crap, not me.

Well, after a couple of weeks running around, looking for the right lighting conditions, trees on beaches and trying to get a girl to sit under a tree to match the sketch Marla sent me and after awhile feeling the pressure of my first real deadline for a magazine, I finally gotterdun and sent the picture on its way. Never bothered to read the prose alongside the sketch because honestly, I'm just not into that sort of thing. Poetry, prose, whatever you want to call it; that's girly stuff.

Along came April 2009 and I got an email saying my photo was published in Apogee Photo Magazine under the title Sit and Talk with a Tree .

For the first time, I sat down and read the prose. It was alright, made ya think about life. Poetry being what it is, I had my fill and figured I wouldn't go outa my way lookin' for any more. There's probably enough poetry-minded folks reading the stuff, they don't need me in their crowd.

The year 2010 rolls around and I'm happy just stumbling and bumbling along with my cameras and my dogs. Life is good, even with no poetry, I'm happy.
Then, along came StumbleUpon and I started meeting all kindsa Stumblers.

Someone sent me a share one day and I liked the picture, took a look and whacked it with my ThumbsUp gadget and moved on. I look at lots of photos and pictures, every day, it's my job.

Every few days I'd get a share to look at this gal's pictures. One day, I decided to read the caption. It was a poem. You know, that girly stuff. Well, maybe I needed a break. Grabbed an iced coffee, lean back and read the thing. What the heck.

WOW! It was powerful. So,I took the time to comment, linked the site to my Google Blog and now I read this gal, Neva's poetry every day.

Tell me even though I'm getting old, I'm not going soft. Tell me it's witchcraft at work. Tell me anything you want. Go have a look for yourself and tell me my PICK OF THE WEEK I Will Leave You Alone doesn't just knock yer socks off.



Bec said...

lovely story! haeding over to take a look now..thanks for sharing

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks for stopping by. Careful around that poetry stuff; it's contagious!

lorilynn said...

wow, that was pretty cool!! liked it, better than i thought:)

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks for droppin'in.
Powerful stuff ain't it?