Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Camera Trekking Hedo's Sai On Conservation Park

Forest Therapy for the Soul

It was one of those "no-sunshine-expected" November Monday mornings, yesterday.

Doc was picking me up at 9 AM and, I started packing the camera bag.

The big lenses were ignored because it didn't look like a bird-shooting day.

Stone trail through forest, Hedo, Okinawa

A little know attraction named, Saion Pine Trees Conservation Park became our mission.

Sai On is a famous scholar in Ryukyuan history. He advised the king during the 1700's.

Land conservation, tree planting, irrigation, and agriculture were some of his specialties.

Stone walls, handrails, trail, steps, Saion Park, forest

It would take about an hour to photograph this portion of the trail, for viewers.

Families might want to pack a lunch, some drinks and, drag the children along.

So, my plan was to give them views from different angles, with a wide-angle lens.

Hollowed-out tree, bridge, stone, path, stream

This is a hollowed-out tree, lined with stones and utilized as a bridge, to cross a stream.

Way back when Sai On outlawed the making of dugout boats.

Large trees were being cut down, faster than they could be replaced.

This "tree" happens to be fabricated out of concrete, the same as all the handrails in the park.

trees, vines, ferns, vegetation

The scene below contains a trickle of a stream, shrouded by jungle vegetation.

During peak rains, it very well may be a raging river. Unimpressed, I didn't bother with it.

Deep Woods Insect Repellant was waiting somewhere in my office. Maybe, next time.

stairway, trail, stone, imitation logs, forest

It's a good little hike, to get your calf muscles burning and maybe, sweat a bit.

Athletic travelers might want to try jogging up and down those hills.

Autumn foliage in Okinawa is mostly brown and green, as you can see.

misspelled Route 58 sign

This photo wasn't taken for the "WOW" factor. It was unique.

The purpose was to show, the trail comes back to civilization and, crosses a country road.

Somewhere nearby must be Route 58. Call it Early Redneck English. I understand.

hillside, stairs, stone wall, trail

Look both ways for traffic, cross the street and go up the stone stairs.

If you were getting weary of civilization, you'll be back in the woods soon.

pine tree stump, forest, park

It was a disappointment coming across this tree stump. The tree was removed.

More than likely, it had become infested with pine beetles and, had to be destroyed.

Traffic cones and a roped-off area contain some other felled pines.

stone trail,bridge,handrails, forest

Cross the clearing and the trails continue through Saion Park.

This is another concrete, imitation, dugout tree, bridge, paved with stones.

Everywhere I went, was flip-flop safe but, I kept my eyes open for snakes, anyhow.

Autumn leaf-lined trail, woods, Saion Park

It wasn't too wet or dry so, walking on the fallen leaves, didn't make much noise.

The path was fairly level in this location so, my knees stopped creaking.

All good things must come to an end. I knew more huffing and puffing waited up ahead.

stone bridge, circular stairway, Sai On Conservation Park, Hedo

One of my favorite scenes was this circular stairway. It kind of fools you.

Doc headed up the right side and, I thought he reappear coming back to the left.

After composing this photo, I waited and, there was no more Doc.

The trail keeps on going until you come to another clearing.

shrine below mountains where prayers and rituals are held

It took a few seconds after arriving at this shrine, to realize I had been here before.

Rituals for the Sacred Water of the New Year, take place here.

One day, blue skies will appear above those mountains and, I'll get a better photo.

It'll give me an excuse, to show you the rest of Sai On Conservation Park in Hedo, Okinawa.

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