Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Travel Photo: Sueyoshi Park

Stone path through a wooded park after rainfall

A Bit of Country in the City

The few times I've visited this attraction, I have never run across many tourists.

Maybe the travel and tourism industry keeps it secret. Everything's free!

One of these days, I ought to make a travel guide, listing all the freebies on this island.

If enough people bought it, I could become a millionaire.

Back in 2011, when the photo was taken, a sudden rain squall hit the place.

That sort of ruined chances of getting any wildlife photos, with a zoom lens.

The storm didn't last more than a few minutes and the sun started shining.

The place got quiet like the critters knew another rain cloud would move in.

A forest is a special place, just after the rain falls. It becomes refreshing.

 I backed off and created this wide-angle image before, leaving the big city behind.

Camera: Pentax K5

Lens: Pentax 18-250 at 22 MM

Exposure: f/16   1.6 sec   ISO 100

Location:  Sueyoshi Park, Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Date and Time:  OCT 15 2011  3:45 PM

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