Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mad Mike Review: Pizza Potato Chips

It's Been Awhile

Product reviews: Not my favorite thing to do. Once in a blue moon, something strikes my fancy.

First, let me explain how this all got started. I'll try to keep it short.

Halfway to the office, early this morning, I stopped at a machine to buy some iced coffee.

That's when I noticed there was no change in my pocket. My wallet was fine.

But, the machines won't handle large denomination bills and, that's all I had.

Another thing: My keys, I keep the small change with, were left at home, too.

Office keys are attached to my cell-phone case, I could get inside the place.

Just, wouldn't be able to open the camera locker. Keep on walking to work.

A cloudy, crappy day, I could get by without the big cameras. Do office stuff.

Japanese Pizza Potato Chips, bag

Suddenly, the Facebook thing went, "BING" and I read this post from a friend.

She asked: "Does potato pizza exist?"

My reply: "Sure. In Japan, they even have pineapple pizza."

The morning was grueling. There's an extra key in this office, for my camera locker.

Cleaning seven desk drawers, did nothing, to help find it. I needed a break.

So, I got back on Facebook and told the gal:

 "Let me see if, the store is open, down the street. They have delicious Pizza Potato Chips."

At the store, I grabbed chips, smokes and iced coffee and got the change in my pocket now.

Tupperware, chili beans, pizza potato chips

Back on Facebook

" Got 3 bags and, will take an iPhone photo to show you.

 Damn cameras are locked-up in my drying vault and, I left the keys at home!"

See, I was hungry and those chips are excellent for scooping beans out of Tupperware.

Now, I'm pretty sure, the Japanese language would be difficult for this gal in the USA.

So, I snapped one more photo, to show her the pictures on the potato chip bag.

potato chips, bag, Japanese, images, yummy

The images might help explain, what ingredients are used in making these chips.

There's cheese, red peppers, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes and maybe, pepperoni.

Even the dude, at the bottom, says, "YUMMY!"

Visit Calbee Company in Japan for more.

Back to the Review

Pizza Potato Chips from Calbee get a Five Star Rating from me.

They are a bit spicy, crispy, cheesy, crunchy, deliciously scrumptious, to me.

Ridged potato chips are strong enough to grab tuna out of a can or, use with bean dip.

The guy pictured on the back of the bag, ain't lying. They're yummy.

Back to Work

The first bag of chips has been consumed in its entirety.  But, the beans are only half gone.

The gal, in Arizona, who got me going on the Pizza Chips, deserves a big Thank You.

Not sure if I have her mailing address, I'll probably go back to searching for that spare key.

Half an hour or so should be enough time to waste on that project.

If I don't find the key, I could walk home and grab the original, to get to my cameras.

It's early in the day. Keep working and, eat more chips with beans, would be alright, too!

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