Friday, September 3, 2010

Photo Of The Week: A Dragonboat at the Unjami

Here ya go, one of the photos of a boat taken at last Sunday's Unjami Matsuri. That's a Festival held once a year in the northern Village of Ogimi Okinawa, Japan.

There's probably another 100 or so pictures in the developing process but, I have to get something posted online before the folks up there start hunting for me.

See, I promised them I'd be posting their photos this week for them to see. Once I get caught-up, I'll print what I think are the best and drive back to the Village and present them to people.

It's really a lot easier to post them online and let folks tell me which pictures they'd like printed. The problem with that is: PEOPLE LIKE TO STEAL PHOTOS OFF THE INTERNET.


So, what I usually tell everybody I know who shoots decent photos is:
It works for me.

The best of the best photos I take never see the digital daylight of the internet. They get hidden.
Then, the 2d and 3d place best photos, I do stuff to them before posting online. You can't stop people from snatching your hard work, for free but, you can catch the suckers pretty easily.

Anyway, back to the Dragonboat photo. The night before the big event, while we were drinking with some of the Village VIPs, I was asked by some young guy if I could get a shot of him in the Dragonboat the next day. So, I promised I would.

All I know for sure is, the boat was red and yellow and the Dude had black hair. I think I got him.
If I didn't capture him in this picture, he's bound to be somewhere in the next few batches I develop. More later.....

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Sumitran said...

Mike, am on my weekly vist to the world wide web :-( !!

Am missing all the action. Hope I get a good break elsewhere ... and soon, so that I can pick up from where I dropped off before it's too late !!

RyukyuMike said...

Long time no see. Hope you're doing well and thanks for visiting. I've been pretty busy, too. Have to remind myself to take a day off every once in awhile. Half the time, I don;t know what day of the week it is anymore!


Unknown said...

Wonderful shot, Mike Thanks for posting at Travel Photo Thursday!

RyukyuMike said...

Hah, good thing you reminded me it's Thursday. I'm loadin up the sled for Xmas, now !