Saturday, August 11, 2018

Day Trip to Naha: This Was a Hoot

Not Wild About City Life

Far away from the populated areas is where I'm usually most comfortable.

But, it gets so hot and humid here during August, I won't even go to the beach.

Blue skies would have tempted me but, Wednesday it was hot and hazy

It was one of those days, outdoor photography wasn't going to happen.

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Indoor Owl Adventure

A week earlier, I had seen this attraction and brought home some literature about it.

Doc and I were trying to decide, where would be a good place to go on a hot summer day.

The Owl Adventure Park in Naha City might have a comfortable environment.

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Miniature Zoo in Shopping District

This is really an unlikely spot to find a little jungle/zoo. It required some investigation.

They call it an animal kingdom and, it's stuffed on the second floor of this tiny shop.

It's easy to get lost in the alleyways so, Google Maps is the best guide, to use.

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Ticket Information

Not knowing what we'd be getting in to, the Standard Plan seemed reasonable.

The equivalent of $10.00 to $15.00 to enter a second story room or two, wasn't our style.

Who wants to pay that much to enter a room containing wild animals and children?

Wise old dudes, we went with 880 Yen and, promised to act like adults.

At the top of the stairs, we paid for tickets and the manager gave us hand sterilizer.

They don't need someone bringing strange viruses into the bird's environment.

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Family Friendly

Staff members assist with the handling of birds and show you how to hold them.

This family was happy to pose for my camera. They had paid full price, to hold the owls.

Taking your own photos is permitted but, no flash may be used.

Notice the gloved hands, where birds perch, grasping with their little yellow feet.

A staff member showed visitors, how gently a bird pecks at your hands and, won't harm you.

She was observed helping customers take smartphone photos, as well.

Viewing Birds on the Cheap Ticket

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Nature and wildlife photography are favorites of mine. Captive animals make me groan.

A few times in my life, I've been caged. Nobody really needs to know why. Alright?

To catch the bird's eyes requires some talking, clucking and rapid-fire shooting.

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The owls you see may not be native to this country. They're from around the globe.

They seem somewhat domesticated and used to being around humans.

They are well fed and even, get every other day off, away from the public.

The jungle, surrounding them, is mostly plastic-covered chain link fence.

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When not tethered to a glove being held by a human, the owls are leashed to stands.

Sometimes, they remain so still, you'd think they were statues.

Try and focus, to take a photo and, they may move their head faster than lightning.

It's probably alright, to hold some species of animals in confinement, to educate the public.

I'd much rather see the birds in a larger enclosure where they could fly.

A more natural setting would give them some fresh air and live vegetation, to live in.

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The Owl Lady

This was the golden-haired gal we met, going through the plastic jungle with our cameras.

She caught me tapping an owl on the head, to get its attention. Damn thing was fake.

Well, I had already figured that out. Next, we tried communicating.

Between my broken Japanese and her limited English, we did fine, I guess.

They sell tourist items, souvenirs like clocks, T-shirts, and dolls.

So, winding down the tour, I bought some owl dolls for granddaughters.

Ayame, the Owl Lady posed for me and, I told her we'd be back someday.

Maybe, I'll do a family-type visit with grandchildren one of these days.

Before we departed, she gave us some little owl charms, for free!

The attraction gets a Five Star Review from me, I enjoyed it more than, I had imagined.

What Could Make It Even Better?

Just a suggestion, I'd make and, they don't have to take my advice, to keep that rating.

It would be worth Twenty bucks or, 2000 Yen to go visit the owls enjoying their day off.

If they are in a room or enclosure, where they can fly around that would be awesome.

Supposing a guy could throw some live mice or rats, for the owls to swoop down and devour.

Wouldn't that be the ultimate Owl Adventure?

Stripes Okinawa: Owls Adventure Park

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