Sunday, August 26, 2018

August 2018 Full Moon - End of Okinawa Obon

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Moonlight for Ancestral Spirits Journey 

Okinawa's Obon season is planned around events of the Lunar calendar. 

It is believed the full moon is the best time for departed spirits to return to the heavens.

Eisa bands played in the distance when I noticed the moon appear from behind clouds.

My camera was equipped with a 15-30 MM lens as I planned festival photography.

The odds of seeing the moon, during this stormy period, were not good.

That helped me make the decision to hike and get a longer lens.

Walking quickly to the office, I kept my eye on the clouds and moon.

A big lens and tripod would be required to take this shot.

At 7:50 PM, in front of my office, I peered through 700 MM of a lens and snapped this photo.

Then, swapped the lens for a 15-30 MM and went searching for Eisa.

Far in the distance, a few times, I heard the drums but, wasn't going to walk far.

Occasional rain showers kept me ducking in and out of doorways.

By midnight I gave up and headed home. Eisa drums could be heard in the distance.

As late as 1 PM they were dancing out there somewhere. I got my moon shot.

I was glad. I went to bed.

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