Monday, August 27, 2018

Suzume (スズメ) the Tree Sparrow Doing Pizza Crust

Feathered Friends Don't Go Hungry

Not out in the wilderness chasing wildlife, I've spent plenty of time at home this summer.

It's so hot and humid no one wanders far from air conditioning for more than a few minutes.

A place called Gate 1 (ゲートワン) nearby, serves various types of pizza.

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When I get the urge to eat some pizza, it's worth a few minutes walking in the hot sun.

A pizza takes them about 20 minutes, to bake and box up for customers.

I don't mind sitting in their air-conditioned waiting area waiting for my order.

A large pizza is enough for two meals, around this house and nothing goes to waste.

At Gate #2, to my residence, a flock of these Tree Sparrows congregates.

Leftover pizza crust and bread crumbs are provided for the birds, daily.

When I have 700 MM of a lens, the camera, and tripod handy, I shoot them.

Soon things should start cooling off on this island and, I'll get back to hiking in nature.

What do you do with pizza crust in your neck of the woods?

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