Sunday, February 23, 2020

Just Ducky: Couple of Eurasian Wigeon's

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First Time I've Seen These in Kin Town

Yesterday, I ran across a few dozen of them. They got spooked and flew away.

In-flight, it seemed like they may have been some sort of geese.

My internet searches turned up nothing helpful so, I started asking friends.

There's even a helpful group in Holland (on Facebook) I sent photos to for ID.

Out in the wetlands again today, I shot a few hundred more photos.

My contacts came through and, I did some more internet searching. Here's what we've got:

Latin Name: Mareca penelope

Common Name: Eurasian Wigeon

Japanese: ユーラシアヒヒ (Yūrashiahihi)

The photo was taken this morning around 9 AM.  It was a long, exhausting day.

For now let's just say, "The bird with the redhead is the guy."

Learn more about these birds at All About Birds.

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