Saturday, February 29, 2020

Toilet Paper Panic Buying Hits Okinawa

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This morning I was reading about the store shelves being cleaned-out by panic buyers.

People were worried about imports being cut-off from China due to Corona Virus 19.

Big cities all over Japan and even Naha the capital of Okinawa had toilet paper shortages.

The Japanese paper industry tried to calm their fears. Japan makes its own toilet paper.

I had a good laugh and spent the rest of my day doing serious stuff. Like taking a crap.

I walked to the local supermarket. Tea, ice cream and toilet paper were on the shopping list.

There wasn't a single roll of toilet paper on the shelves. Not even any baby wipes!

People Shouldn't Panic

First, it was paper face masks that disappeared from every store in town.

Now, we've got a toilet paper shortage because of panic buying. Damn it!

Next, I'll have to start collecting banana leaves to wipe my hairy bottom with.

If everybody starts doing that, next thing ya know there will be a banana shortage.

Two sources from today's news should assure everyone, there is no need to panic.

Kyodo News tells us there is no need to panic and cause toilet paper shortages.

 Look at Mothership to see what this panic buying is causing throughout Japan.

Y'all better calm down and quit causing panic toilet paper buying.

Or, I might come to a neighborhood near you and swipe all the banana leaves!

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