Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle Flying in Attack Mode

bird in flight

Sashiba (サシバ) in Japanese


 These birds were being driven to extinction at one point in history.

Some people figured a powerful raptor must be good for your health so, eat them.

Others, collected the feathers and hides for good luck charms.

And, some folks even trained and used the birds for falconry.

Thousands of these birds were being shipped to Japan until the 1980's.

Environmentalists from Taiwan and Japan put an end to trading this species.

An excellent reference -- Birding in Taiwan

When the Legs Come Forward



raptor, bird, diving for prey
 The raptor is zeroing-in on a meal.

The victim could have been a lizard, frog, snake or, furry critter.

Let's hope it was a Mongoose.



 More About the Butastur indicus




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