Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wall Art: Kouri Island's First People

painting, nude children, first two people, Adam and Eve

Photo Taken DEC 2011



Seeing this painting on a building at Kouri-jima got me wondering.

Images of the little kids are printed in a book, for sale, at the location, too.

They must be somebody important but, I never got around to researching the story.

Well, I gotterdun, today.

It seems, Kouri Island has a folktale that sounds similar to Adam and Eve.

They were asking the moon, to keep sending rice cakes so, they'd have something to eat. 

Well, rice cakes quit coming and, they learned to search for food the hard way.

All of a sudden, one day, the boy and girl noticed, their bodies were different.

So, they started wearing vegetation to cover themselves.

Somehow, they started having babies.

Some folks, think these were the first two people in all of Okinawa.

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