Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Scattered Sunshine and Flowers in Nothern Okinawa

cherry blossoms, tree, flowers

On Mt. Yaedake there are very few cherry blossoms remaining.

sakura blossoms, Mt. Yaedake

So, one tree was selected for some experimental photography.

flowers, cherry tree, blossoms

Then, it was time to get off the mountain and visit Ogimi to check on the iris fields.

sign, bilingual,birds, flowers

It was nice of the folks in Kijoka to post this bilingual sign.

Entering the iris field area, things were looking pretty green but, no flowers were visible.

Driving around the entire valley turned out to be a good idea.

iris field, flowers

Way, way, way back in the fields, we spotted some flowers blooming.

iris blossom, flower

This iris was singled out for some experimentation, too.

Cherry blossoms will probably be all gone in another week or two.

The purple iris plants are starting to blossom but, wait another month, would be my guess.

For a day in February, I can't complain about the weather.

Where else do people get scattered sunshine and flowers, this time of the year ?

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