Friday, April 29, 2016

5 Carp Streamer Images at the Kickoff of Golden Week

fish, carp streamer, Golden Week, Pentax K1

Testing the Pentax K1



Not enough time in my hands for a full review, yet but, I like it already.

This photo was taken with a 300MM lens f/11  1/320   ISO 400.

Location:  Oku Village, Okinawa, Japan

Date and Time:  APR 29 2016  11:12 AM

My mission today, was to try out the GPS function on the camera.

Latitude and Longitude, came out in more characters than my name and mailing address.

If you have an EXIF file reader, check it out.

Remaining Photos with the Old Pentax K3


3 tiled-roof cabins, carp streamers, mountain

 The skies wouldn't turn brilliant blue so, I cropped them out with a zoom lens.

There must be a few hundred of those colored streamers, flapping in the breeze.

bright-colored carp streamers, hills, sky

Doc Graff and I, moved around, trying to get the best compositions, we could.

river, streamers, hills, sky, Golden Week, Oku

This time, we wandered across the river and up a road we had never been on before.

mountains, streamers, carp, trees

Golden Week is just the beginning of Okinawa's eternal festival season.

Families will be out in the fresh air, enjoying nature and festivals every weekend.

And, I'll  be out with the cameras, every chance I get, trying to capture them.

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