Thursday, April 21, 2016

Flower Photos: Iris Fields in Kijoka District of Ogimi Okinawa

purple and yellow, iris, flower,オクラレルカ

Okurareruka (オクラレルカ) is What Locals Call Them



The fields were in full bloom last weekend and, there are still many purple flowers to see.

For me, going early or, late in the season is much more relaxing.

hills, fields, flowers, iris

Weekend crowds, tour buses and mobs of people, posing for pictures can be annoying.

It's more fun, even when the skies are grey, when few visitors come to the fields.

close-up, iris, flowers, field

The sky is easily eliminated, when close-up shots, fill the camera frame.

So, I just go around the fields, looking for which ever iris plants, I want to be subjects.

flower, purple and yellow, iris

The fields are flooded with water so, it isn't easy to get closeup shots.

The best thing to do, is stand on the dikes and use a zoom lens if, you want to stay dry.

flower, iris,single plant, green stems

Some folks, say these iris flowers, look like a dragon, sticking its tongue out.

So, I go looking for flowers that might fit that description and, shoot them.

hills, flowers, field, sky, house

When, I think the mission has been accomplished, I back-off and take one last photo.

Then, buy some flowers, to take home to the wife.

Tell her, it was a terrible day, up there, she won't feel like she missed out on something.

The flowers, I bring home, make her happy.  She'll look at this  image.

And, be glad I didn't drag her along with me.  Hah !

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