Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's Almost Okurareruka (オクラレルカ) Time of the Year !

flowers, Iris,purple and yellow, fields

Friday in Kijoka



Just for the heck of it, we took a detour at Ogimi Village, to check the iris fields.

Just about every flower festival held this year, the flowers forgot to bloom on time.

It looks like the Okurareruka (Iris) flowers are getting ready to party, on schedule.

flower, iris, bud, fields

A few close-up shots were taken, to trick people in to visiting the iris fields.

But, if you really love viewing these flowers, it might be best to wait a bit longer.

iris flowers, field,buds,stems

Backing off a little bit with the lens, things look a little bit different, up there.

There's probably less than one percent of the plants blossoming.

flower, fields, iris, Okurareruka

The Missus in my house, goes crazy when, she hears the Okurareruka plants are blooming.

She'd be awful disappointed if, she went all the way up north, to see these fields.

hills, fields, flowers, iris

 Guys, know what happens, when you take a woman out and, there aren't any flowers to see.

Who would want to take their wife, to see something like this ?

Figure, you are an hour away from home (by car) and, a woman came along with you.

She'll get angry and say something like, "Lets go shopping."  Groan ! 

Give that place enough time, to turn into a sea of purple.  That's my plan.

Maybe, in another two weeks, I'll say something to the wife, about Okurareruka flowers.

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